J-Viz Previsualization

The J-Viz Pre-Visualization System

J-Viz is an Academy Award winning real-time computer graphics system which interfaces with live action cranes and motion control rigs. J-Viz enables on-set real-time pre-visualization of virtual sets and effects shots.

What does this all mean?

This means that if you are shooting on a blue screen or green screen, you can see in real time what you are going to get!

It was pretty cool in its day, and in 2006, we won an Academy Award for this breakthrough technology. This kind of technology is used in big blockbusters all the time now, but this project is defunct.

Contact J-Walt Adamczyk (jwalt AT johnadamczyk.com) for more information.

A collaboration of:

Aerohead: http://aerohead.us/

Engine Room Visual Effects: http://www.engineroomvfx.com/

Lynx Robotics